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How It Works

Step One: Apply for Broker approval. Broker approval usually takes less than a couple of days. Once approved, a Master Broker Agreement is executed which provides instant access to all LoanPIPE Wholesale Investors.

Step Two: Set up your personalized Point of Sale origination system. Upload a professional photo, a short bio and you are ready to start originating!

Step Three: Start running product, pricing and eligibility (PPE) scenarios for your borrowers. LoanPIPE will return instant PPE findings from the investors on our platform. Select the Lender that provides you with the best option and get started on the loan application instantly. Brokers may upload a DU 3.2 file or invite the borrower to log on and complete the loan app with or without your assistance - co-browse functionality makes the origination experience exceptional! Instantly pull credit, request instant e-verification of income, employment and assets, and request automated underwriting. There is no easier way to originate a mortgage - QM or Non-QM!

Step Four: Register the loan for instant delivery to the Investor. E-sign disclosures, order and pay for appraisal, upload documents to satisfy loan conditions, and even lock your rate! Clear underwriting conditions, review closing docs, and you can even close right on the POS - desktop or mobile! Easy to perform tasks that either you or your borrower can complete all at your fingertips via the web!

Who Is On Our Network?
Many of the industry's largest investors use LoanPIPE to market their products and pricing. By using the LendGenuity POS+LOS+ENG technology, originators and investors are able to easily communicate and transmit data back and forth in a uniform, consistent and highly predictable manner making the loan origination process, even for the most complicated loan products easy.