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Direct Access for Brokers


• Instant investor offers on eligible QM & Non-QM products

• Simple online application completed by borrower and broker

• Automated underwriting for Non-QM products

• Delivery file instantly to investor

QM & Non-QM Investors

• Instantly access Loan Originators in all major markets

• Customize your product and pricing offerings

• Leverage the LoanPIPE Automated Underwriting Engine for Non-QM

• Interact with borrowers directly via the LOS+POS technology

• Centralized Broker Management and Approval

The Perfect Set Up!

Tired of being limited by your out-dated client-server Loan Origination System? LoanPIPE provides member brokers with a fully personalized, web-based Point of Sale solution that ties directly into the top industry investor's Loan Origination System. Dazzle your borrowers with a completely automated digital web-based origination solution. Its simple: structure a deal for your borrower. Invite them to apply online. Pull credit. Run the AUS and instantly receive product and pricing offers. Accept an Investor's offer and immediately register the loan. E-sign disclosures. Order and pay for appraisal. Upload conditions and rate lock all within moments after registration. Borrowers have full web-access to complete loan tasks with your loan processors assisting. Closing a QM or NONQM loan has never been easier!

Need to increase production but don't have the time or budget to build out a full technology platform like the big guys? LoanPIPE is the solution for you. Gain instant exposure to approved Loan Originator nationally and start marketing all of your loan products instantly. You set the products, pricing and delivery rules in the decision engine and automated underwriting system which is fully customizable to read credit as well as other complex risk rules. The POS+LOS technology provides Originators and Investors with a uniform and consistent workflow for fulfillment and delivery. Consistent credit decisioning and uniform streamlined workflows make buying loans from Loan Originators simple!

Build any product. Build any rule. The LendGenuity Decision Engine (AUS) is capable or reading credit XML for grading complex NON-QM files, as well as other custom products that fall outside of Agency and Government guidelines. No need to build out a decision engine if you are a large investor - we have it ready for you. Whether it is QM or NON-QM, first liens or second liens, the LendGenuity Decision Engine in the LoanPIPE solution will give you all of the power you need to originate quality mortgage assets in a consistent and uniform way.

Reduce Costs

Don't waste the money and time to build your own technology platform when you can start today with a minimal out of pocket investment.

Cloud-Based Solutions

No network configurations – all components are 100% hosted, cloud-based solutions.

Success is the Only Option

When you win, we win. Our goal is to provide you with a quality technology platform that enables you to close more business. Our per-file fee is based on your success.